The company

LINEA DESIGN is an architectural studio specializing in developing and implementing interior design solutions for living spaces of private customers.It was founded in 2005 by architect Liliana V. Bettiol, who has extensive experience in cooperating with leading Italian furniture manufacturers.

The innovative nature of projects where technical and functional basics allow for creating comfortable living environments, the trust of the most demanding, attentive and inquisitive customers, and the dynamics of the Russian market provided the basis for exponential growth of the studio, which has by now completed over a hundred projects.

Competence, curiosity and continuous research are the keys to our success and the wide recognition from our customers. Despite great success, our studio wants to stick to its initial idea and preserves its "small" dimension, with only direct relationships between a professional and a customer.

Over time, a home has evolved from a refuge to an intimate space, a place that reflects personality and is designed to restore one's strength and spirit. Numerous duties and worries of today's world make us want to have our own space with an intimate atmosphere created by objects close to our hearts, which is not always attainable in our public lives.

Our work is based on simple progressive development, as if completing a circle.

Our first thought is about the person and the residence, which may be a private house surrounded by nature or a city apartment.

Our second challenge is to bring our initial concept to the design and construction stage, establishing a link between the technical, functional, and aesthetic elements.

Our third step is analyzing and double-checking that the initial design has been adequately realized.

At this stage, we move from the general agenda of the choice of the place and the desire to make a mark to more specific issues aimed at designing and reflecting the customer's personality in the interior. Various fittings, doors, windows, lighting, color, furniture, fabrics, furnishings, works of art and other aspects are selected depending on the purpose of the room (to spend time together, rest, or work) and contribute to the overall result, i.e., a complete satisfaction of the needs, requirements, expectations, and wishes of the customer.


The development and implementation of interior design projects for apartments or houses requires coordinated efforts of many professionals, whom LINEADESIGN chose among the best in the Russian and Italian markets. All of them focus primarily on the customer's interests.

We cooperate with engineers in various areas, fellow architects, designers and visualizers who we can trust with our projects. However, the overall management is always exercised by our architect Liliana V. Bettiol.

We work directly with major Italian furniture manufacturers, as well as outstanding makers of stone, metal, wood, glass, textiles, and ceramics.

This website was developed to attract potential new customers who can place their orders. For us, every new order is a new challenge which we are always happy to accept.

First of all, we would like to express profound gratitude to all those who trusted us and gave us a chance to show our professional capabilities, accompanying us on our way to success, which is a joy to all who believe in their work.

We thank all our customers. Your satisfaction is our success.